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moments in any interview

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Høw does it wørk ?

Bookmark in live
Organize your data
  • Select
  • Live Record
  • Bookmark in live
  • Listen
  • Synchronize & organize your data


The template you need based on your type of interview : conferences, workshops, design thinking, recruitment, etc.

Live Record

KeyMoments of your interviews. You no longer need to take notes and can stay focused on the meeting. You can even take pictures of key figures and highlights.

Bookmark in live

KeyMoments of your interviews and choose one of the category tab by a finger slide : insights, ideas, negative & positive emotions.


After your interview, find easily your KeyMoments on the timeline or using the tabs. Your audio record, markers, pictures are registered and saved on your smartphone.

Synchronize & organize your data

Coming soon !


  • Recording

    Audio record

    Record any of your interview to save time and stay focused. Your audio records are registered and saved.

  • Template


    Sales, recruitment, conferences & workshop, interview, design thinking, select the template you need.

  • Marker


    Bookmark and classify any of your KeyMoment. Find them easily on the timeline of your audio record. You can also edit your markers afterward.

  • Pictures


    Take pictures during your interview to save models, highlights and key figures for instance.

  • Long press

    Long press

    On the timeline to edit any KeyMoments of your interview.

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